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Boo Bash @ the Beach is Back

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

There was no Boo Bash in 2020 and we all know why that dreadful C word...COVID. 2021 Boo Bash is BACK, CHAMPS Resource & Service Center (RSC) partnered with SAFEWAY, A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth (ABSPY), Rainier Beach Action Coalition (RBAC), Rainier Beach Community Center, and many City of Seattle departments to host a safe place for youth and their families to attend a trick or treat wonderland. It took place in the Rainier Beach Community Center’s parking lot, which is in the most diverse neighborhood in Seattle.

After an entire week of rain, the sun beamed down on the parking lot with all sorts of superhero’s, TV characters, zombies, ghosts, 20 resources booths with games, treats, and prizes. Joining them were 4 decorated trunk or treaters ready to display their creative work of art, pass out resources, give away candy, prizes and have lots of fun with everyone. Thanks to the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle for the distribution of their YOUTH VAXXED Guidebook on COVID-19. AARTH also shared COVID resources, and their fruit popsicle distribution was a hit. What a great day for all who participated.

The parking lot was turned into a playground full of activities and information for families and children. The Buffalo Soldiers booth displayed information about their history, and they included horseback rides, which was a big hit. There was a long line at their booth that extended halfway down the parking lot as families waited for their children to get a horseback ride. The Falconer’s Show shared amazing facts about the history of birds of prey. Many attendees took pictures in their haystack, ranch style photo booth with the falcon bird. Environmental Works shared information about the community-led Rainier Beach Skate Park. CHAMPS RSC started community organizing and is now co-chair of this project. Thanks to Rainier Beach High School Key Club for their support. To two Rainier Beach graduate students and Scelina Irving with D.T.I CREATIVE STUDIO SIX who hosted an activity booth where children colored Halloween pictures. Victoriaz Secret Event Planning created the playfield decorations and the Boo Bash Photo Booth where neighbors walked into a big cloud of smoke coming from the ground. It also had some creepy legs belonging to the wicked witch of the west that laid under a table, moving zombies, spiders, skeleton heads, witches, and more. There was something to enjoy for everyone.

Northwest Tap

DJ Red.Culture Double Dutch

Let’s not forget the entertainment. It was on point with DJ Red.Culture who brought some Halloween fun with the latest hits. We opened with Double Dutch Divas as they showed up and showed out pulling in onlookers from the crowd to participate in several rounds of double dutch. Following them was Cultured Dance Group with Youth for Christ who brought their swag and turned it up. It didn’t stop there, KUTTN’UP took the show to another level and KUT UP with their fun dance moves where they included crowd participation. Double Dutch was still swinging in between sets as the crowd continued to join in on the fun. Leilani Farr and her group of ladies came and performed their high energy MixxedFit Dance Exercise. The crowd kept moving as the ladies directed them into the next moves of their choreography. It was all about moving our bodies and getting that cardio pumping. Then came a tall young man wearing black shoes. He’s from Northwest Tap, and we were in awe of his captivating tap moves. Attendees from everywhere took pictures and videos of him with their cell phones as he tapped his feet away. There were sounds from the audience, “… whoooa… awwwe!” as they smiled and laughed with joy while the young man shared his artistry. It was amazing to watch the community come together with the adults having as much fun as the children.

Thanks to everyone who was involved with making the Boo Bash a success. To the Seattle Police Department (SPD) Officers who were in attendance to give their support. Detective Cookie, who everyone in the neighborhood knows, joined in for all the fun. She danced, jumped roped, exercised, and loved on our community. She’s been an officer for 41 years while building community and making an impact by being the change she wants to see in our community. We love some Detective Cookie. Also, thanks to the two SPD officers who showed up on their horses, as well as the other officers who came to help.

A special thanks to the planning team: Azura Callandret, Danielle Jackson, Fatima Kabba, Gabbie Princess Price, Halley Sherwood, and Messiah Fagerholm. We couldn’t have pulled off this event (with our new record-breaking 20-days of preparation!) if it wasn’t for all of YOU. And a shout out to the amazing 45+ volunteers and Rainier Beach High School Key Club who helped bring the dream alive at the last minute. Thanks to all the families, children, and young people who came out and enjoyed the fun. This 3-hour event brought approximately 4,000 people in attendance! WE APPRECIATE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND ALL YOU DO FOR THE COMMUNITY.

Thanks to all the sponsors that made the Boo Bash possible. Safeway (booths with homemade games) has sponsored the Boo Bash for the last seven years, as well as other sponsors like Seattle Department of Transportation, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Neighborhood Matching Fund, A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth (ABSPY) Initiative, Seattle Police Department, Seattle Police Foundation, Café Red, and the many others for their generous financial contributions and support, because of YOU we EXCEEDED our fundraising goal in 20-days. When I tell you it took sweat and tears to pull this event together at the last minute. But seeing all the fun and joy the community was having, it was worth it. The pictures speak for themselves.

Finally, thanks to URBAN IMPACT for being our fiscal sponsor and for always supporting the work that CHAMPS RSC does in the community, as well as to RBAC for helping to staff the event with Corner Greeters, Clean Crew, and the Freedom Net Team—IT WAS AMAZING. This is what happens when community comes together to create a safe place for youth and families to have a trick or treat wonderland.

We now have a Facebook page, a website and a photo gallery is coming.

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Jul 21, 2022

I enjoyed the Boo Bash being at the community center, it felt safer than the Safeway Parking Lot. Thanks to Safeway and all the other sponsors who make this event possible.

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