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Boo Bash at the Beach was created in response to the horrific gun violence pervading Rainier Valley/Skyway and the Rainier Beach area in 2014. Out of a collaboration with Albertsons /Safeway, the Seattle Police Department, our local corporate partners, city and county government agencies, community groups, nonprofits, faith-based and youth organizations, business associations and our many gracious volunteers who work tireless to make the Boo Bash at the Beach what it is. There would be no Boo Bash without them.


Safeway hosted the first event in their parking lot and did from 2014-2019, and have been a major sponsor since then.



















In 2020, the event was cancelled due to COVID. This is one event the community looks forward to, and that's why we're working to make sure the Boo Bash continues for years to come. It is a trick or treat wonderland you don’t want to miss.

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Cindi Laws, the original “BOO BOSS” and community activist who resides in Rainier Valley /Skyway Neighborhood created the Boo Bash at the Beach in 2014. She built the Foundation for this event for 5 years before passing it over to...

Danielle Jackson, who accepted the call to continue the Boo Bash in 2018. In addition to being the Founder of CHAMPS Resource & Service Center and the primary caregiver for her adult daughter.

Boo Bash Founder, Cindi Laws, with longtime Emcee, Michael Cagle.

The Rainier Dance Center has been a huge part of the Boo Bash for years!

The Rainier Beach Cheer Squad have helped advertise and promote the Boo Bash for years, and always do a great job of running the information booth.

Christian Origins & Historic Customs

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BOO BASH 2018 & 2019

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